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    Complete solution in qualified manpower

    We have been operating since 2005 offering qualified labour in the area of Final Quality Inspection, Logistics, Porter Porterage and Industrial Cleaning.


    More security, quality and superior results when hiring our Services.


    We recruit, train and qualify professionals according to the needs of your company. Generating more productivity, value for your business and optimising your investment in Human Resources.

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    • Special 24-hour service;
    • Motivational evaluation with special awards to
      individual highlights (client participation);
    • Career plan.
    • Complete legal advice for the contract negotiated;
    • Operational replenishment for absences, sickness, accidents, holidays and leave;
    • Operational recall/exchange (serious faults);
    • Special support for events and/or occurrence.
    • Holerites online;
    • Online scoreboard, smartphone access;
    • Operational visits by supervisors;
    • Exclusive psychologist for operational follow-up;
    •  HR department with specialized training
      as per contractual need;
    • Constant investment in differentiated service
      high quality.

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